Just lost about 5 hours of progress, any hope to retreive it?

So I got and error while working on a new tilest, (cant remember which error) no biggie I thought. Pyxel still worked and I saved the project numerous times all without any complaints from Pyxel. Everything worked fine within the project, but it suddenly crashed after about 5 hours. I then reopened my project only to find that all of my progress was lost.. How can this happen while I continued to save the project? Pyxel was still autosaving so I have no idea if or where the project has been saved. Is there any chance to retreive it? I have tried extracting the files from the Pyxel Project file, but all of my new tiles are gone.


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    Hi xillion

    That sounds terribe! I imagine that after you got the error and saved, the files must have become corrupted. I'm not sure you can retrieve the work you've made after the error appeared, however you should be able to retrieve backups prior to it.
    In any case, you can find the autosaves here:
    Windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\PyxelEdit\Local Store\Autosave
    You can enter %appdata% as the path in windows explorer to find the Roaming folder quickly.

    Mac: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/PyxelEdit/Local Store/Autosave
  • Okay, so after I have checked every Pyxel file on my computer, its seems like Pyxel hasn't been able so save anything after I received my first error, including manual saves. 
  • Damn, sorry to hear that. That just means you shouldn't hesitate restarting PyxelEdit when an error appear.
    Did you lose everything then or are the saves prior to the error working?
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    Really sorry to hear that. :( I assume you found the autosave folder but none of the saves were working? If you want you can send me one of them and I'll see if I can restore it.
    The program should probably force quit when an error occurs to prevent these kind of issues. Only the first error is caught, and if one continues working without restarting after that all bets are off...
  • Thanks for the reply. I have taken a look at the files, including the autosaves and nothing has been saved after the initial error so I don't think that there is anything to restore unfortunately. Even the manual saves hasn't gone through so I think the initial error caused a lot of problems in the background which I didn't catch when I was working. The saves prior to the crash are still there and functional so I have decided to just do the lost work again. Lesson learned, ALWAYS restart Pyxel when an error occurs :P 
  • I've learned to restart the editor program since Photoshop. But I do feel your pain, I've had that experience before and it felt depressing at first, but just shake it off and move forward to do it again.
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