Start PyxelEdit without key?

First, I'm using the Google translator, so some things will not understand.

I want to know the password I had on my other "PC" since I forgot and did not write it down.

But PyxelEdit starts there without having to enter the key when I put it before.

Then I want to know how to pass that key to this new "PC" without needing to know the key.

If it is a file that was saved so that it did not have to enter the key, tell me.

I also have the card that I use to buy the key.



  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited February 2017
    Hi Naxonix

    You can't start PyxelEdit without entering a key, 
    you'll have to get your activation code back. Fortunately you can resend the link to your email, using one of the links below. 
    I lost the link to my download page, how can I get it back?
    Use this page to resend your Humble order mail:
    If you bought Pyxel Edit previously using only PayPal you can use this page to request it again:
    If none of the options above work please send an email to

  • DanikDanik Posts: 776
    You can run the application without activating it, but you have to wait for a nag screen to go away each time you start. But like CandyFace said, you can use one of the resenders to get your key back. If you're having problems just send me an email at support@ and I'll help you out.
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