Non Tile Object

Is there a way to have a non tile object which has no constraints of having height and width limit. But still exported with in tilemap. Or do you plan having something like this feature ?

Long Explanation
Most common issue while working with pyxel edit I need to place some objects not aligned with background. I can do this by making objects at seperate layer then making tiles of placed objects. This workaround is ok but after a while I started having mostly near duplicate tiles. 


I have two identical tables in this design but due to them being aligned differently to background I need to create different tiles. Otherwise export tilemap will not export these objects in json file. This creates another problem. Additional tiles comes with tileset cost. This may not be a problem for my current project but sooner or later people would want to have some feature of having objects instead of tiles. So my question is can I do something like that and export without having to increase my tileset with each non aligned object? Some objects connects 4 different tiles due to their placements and this leads significant increase in tiles.

Example Solution(If not there already)
So something like magic selection tool but selecting non transparent connected pixels on layer and having these exported as images with corresponding layer indices, and maybe names. So json file would require an additional list per layer which refers objects with absolute coordinates ,instead of tile index , of their starting points. 
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