Making "ctrl+s" save as the same image that was imported?

This was a HUGE gripe for me with newer versions of GIMP, and I am now learning that Pyxel Edit does it too, so I HOPE that it can be changed somehow.

When attempting to save an image, I don't want to save it as the pyxel format. I have zero need for that format ever. I don't understand why it can't simply open the save-as menu like any other program, and if the file was imported, or already recently saved, just save over the existing file. A warning that it is overwriting is just fine.

GIMP 2.7+ changed to this and it is ungodly annoying because I have to jump through hoops just to make minor changes. As it is now, I have to edit the image, open export menu, save, close export menu, click x to close image, click no that I don't want to save changes, because I have no use for the default format. Where as normal programs will allow me to open the file, make changes, then ctrl+s to save. Done and done. No hoops.

I am fairly sure I know what the answer is going to be, but I thought I would ask anyway.
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