Selection Specific Color (Hue Light Shade Sat) Changers

I'd like a hue changer. Actually multiple color manipulation tools. (Shade, Light, Saturation, and Hue). Some people have suggested this, but I want to be more specific in its uses.

The current color palette is AWESOME. And I love it's uses! It just lacks the power of manipulation.


Selection-Specific - Any selection made with the wand or any selection tool can have a quick yet advanced hue slider for color changes. This can just add or subtract from the color values within the selection. The hue bar pre-built into the color picker is great and I'd love to use this slider for multiple colors/pixels.

Layer-Specific -  See above but in relation to whole layers instead of selections. Granted, if selection-specific is made, then this is redundant due to selections being layer based once a tool is used.

Tile-Specific - See above. Could also be redundant. And counter-intuitive.


Inner Options - Hue within selection can be limited to one color. This would be redundant due to the color replacer, but would make batch edits much simpler, imho.

Best Use: I'm thinking a tool.

Lemme know what you think.
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