Auto palette gradient color replacer?

If i want to replace a color, i need to get the color from palette and use a function "Color Replacer".
Can i get an automatic color replace from palette when i make a gradient?


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited January 2017
    Hi andykenobi

    Sorry for the late reply, It's not possible to replace all colors with a gradient from your current document. However, What you can do is to make a gradient in another pyxel document, then goto Extras-> Palette swap, select your newly created document with your gradient, tick the "current document" and press replace (the feature is experimental though, so it may be buggy). Here's an example:

  • Cool, thats a good way! But, if you implement something option like a: refresh canvas with current pallet, you coud only call the function "replace color" (or something like) that see every color and chage with the pallet, or something like it... got it?
    Any way, i love this software, congrats!
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