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Hi everyone
    Since few day I've bought the pack "Game Dev Software" on Humble Bundle.  After purchase I've received a Keycode for Pyxel Software.
       But when I put the KeyCode on the soft after Install, Pyxel wouldn't validate it. 

 Which type of Instructions must I do for achieved this authentication ?

Thanks for your Help


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited January 2017
    Hi GameControll69

    Did you follow the instructions found in the FAQ thread?
    My key doesn't work!
    The activation key should look like this (including the first and last line):
    Some name
    If the key you are using looks like this:
    then you need to use it on this page to get the activation key:
    Download and activation guide when buying using the Humble Widget:
    Pyxel Edit activation guide

  • Ok, thanks.

       I follow the instructions on the FAQ linked with Humble Bundle and it help me to resolve this problem.
     Last time I can't read it. Maybe it's because an internet problem.  That's why I was blocked.

        Thanks for Help.
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