Key binding for automatic flips?

Hya, first time caller, not so long time listener, wanted to ask some due to some other forums posts. 

I've seen that tiles have keys binded for automatic horizontal and vertical flip, but for the regular single documents the only option is to flip it manually when you're in CMD full on selection movement. Why can't a simple flip also get implemented in the single documents as well?

I know tiles are a viable solution, but in my current progress of learning to art propely I'm kinda scared with using them so I'm trying to first test things out with the normal single documents.


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    Hi Croleo676

    So you want to flip the canvas by just pressing a key and not being dependant on a selection?

    Even if you have created a "single image document" you can still use the tile placer tool and it's features. If you want to flip your sprite, click on the tile-placer-tool, select flip tile x or press X on your keyboard and apply the flip operation. 
  • Not exactly, even though it's nice to know I can do it with tiles in single documents as well.

    This is the currently the only way of inverting the selection that I've seen:

    Which is fine on simple stuff, but I can imagine that it'd be a slow process on more complicated pieces, unlike the tile one where simple pressing x or y depending on the case flips it instantly.

    I wish to be dependant on the selection but doing inverting the via dragging one side of the selection and then trying to fit it so it looks like an inverted version of the selection seems kinda sluggy, then again, it could just be a personal pain in the butt and not a big issue for the rest.

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    Ahh that is what you meant, well there is actually a flip feature although it's well hidden ;)
    After you've selected your object, go to the "Selection" tab and choose Flip Horizontally

    I thought you already knew that and wanted something that didn't depend on you selecting something, which is why I didn't mention it in my last reply.
  • God dammit didn't even notice that ffs, thanks!
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    ctrl - F  shortcut
  • ctrl - F  shortcut

    God bless.

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