Frame Setting/Animation

First thing I noticed when I was making a sprite sheet for an animation is that I can not set the animation speed with a set value. Maybe I miss it every time because I am so sucked into the work but I would like to set the actual playback with values like "15, 30, 60" something a long those lines so when I put it into unity I already know what it looks like and can save the time in between.

Second thing is I want to be able to create frames on the fly while animating because its very hard to figure out how many frames I will need/want if I am messing around with movement. I actually get tired of going into the tools menu and manually changing the canvas size to get more tiles. I think a lot of people would benefit from this idea when they are animating or just putting in some more practice.

Finally and I know a bit of people are asking for this, I want to be able to sort my layers base like have "Body Frame 1" layer so I know what I am expecting when I open it up. This will help a lot of people keep track on which frame they are working on and help them figure out what part of the image it belongs too.

These are just idea that I think a lot of people would benefit from and would make this program even more appealing for more rising artist and animators since schools are teaching them Adobe stuffs and other software. I really like this program a lot and it has aspire me to do even more art and it has a lot of room to grow that could make it really stand out even more than it does now.


  • For the frame delay, you can set it in the FrameEdit panel:

    Not sure how useful it is to have an "Add Frame" button since the simplest implementation would be to just increase the canvas size by 1 tile height in the y direction (if you increased it in the x direction, you'd have to reorganize all your frames).  Could be useful if you only have one animation, but if you have multiple animations in the same canvas, the program would have to guess where on the canvas you want the new frame to be placed. Wouldn't it be easier to assume you need extra frames from the start?

    Not sure what you mean by "sort layers base," but if you just want to label what's in a layer, you can change it's name:

  • Sorry let me explain a bit more. I knew about the frame delay but it is in percentages not actual integers. I want to be able to have a 30 fps when it comes to my animation instead of trying to get the percentage or have it at 60 fps.

    Next part is the "Add Frame" : Yeah I know that that it would lead to problems but pyxel already has a button that allows you to create multiple animations in the same canvas. I was thinking maybe once you have your key frames and then be able to add the other frames to make a smooth transition it would then update into the canvas. Yeah it would need to check if there are more frames then there are tiles in the canvas but I feel like the code has already been set up to have that capability and has just not been looked at for more possibility. Like when you select a certain part of the canvas for an animation it has it in bounds. What I think the developer can do is have it adjust to the largest animation and create empty tiles for the other. Basically first animation you set is the 0 array (I am going into programming terms for a bit since I am a programmer) and then it would add a new tile below the first animation by creating a 2D array for 1 in the y direction and then a 0 for the x direction underneath the (0,0). I think it is possible it will take some time but I think it would help out a lot.

    Finally the layers: I know you can change the name but I want is kinda like a folder. For example, I want to have a layer called "Body" and within side body I have sub layers for "Left Arm", "Right Arm", "Left Leg", "Right Leg" , "Torso". This would be seen if I press an arrow button to have all the sub layers show up. This would help people organize there stuff so when they have massive projects they know where all the objects are. This could also be use for just a frame as well. For example, I want to look at my key frames and clean up the arms because they should be in a different position. I can just go under my "Key Frame #" > "Body" > "[left or right] arm" and adjust from there. I just have an issue with having to organize and having a sorting system where I know exactly what I am looking at will help a lot and not everyone has to use it too.
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