Could/should Pyxel be ported to non-Adobe tech?

Air isn't getting younger and because it's flash-based, it shares many of its flaws, including security. Not to mention that Air runtime isn't available for the best operating system ever anymore. Great app, have a lot of fun with it so far, just wishing it would be written in technology that doesn't limit porting potential.

Some technologies it could be done while keeping a modern look:

- Mono - Managed runtime and C# being much cleaner language than AS3 will make maintenance easier and development faster. Licensing is not an issue either, since Microsoft "freed" mono runtime and you don't have to pay exorbitant licensing fees to Xamarin anymore.

- Haxe - I think this is the closest language to AS3, while still being cleaner. Also it allows compiling to various different runtimes and languages, including Flash/Air itself. It also has many high-level multimedia libraries which would make expanding on Pyxel easy.

- Qt Framework - If you don't mind working with C++, Qt is a good choice as well. Has various image manipulation functionalities that would make new features easier to develop (after the initial porting).


  • While I'm not one to decide, porting something to another framework is never a trivial task. Flash AS3 comes with a lot of useful functions from the main framework and has loads of useful libraries available to help achieve your goal faster. Of course libraries exist for Qt, Haxe and Mono too, but nothing is 100% alike, which means more headache and less "fun". About the "clean" you speak of, it has no real use to me as the source is not available to us. If Danik feels home in AS3, then by all means he should just write in that language, no matter how obscure its syntax is.

    Given that it already takes a fair amount of time for each release of PE, I would be against any kind of porting, even if for the better. Porting is in my opinion the most boring kind of task you could give a programmer because it requires you to rewrite your work from the bottom in another language for the purpose of trying to broaden your audience. If you are already tired of a project or simply do not have enough time to even update what you already have, then porting it to something else is often the last kick you need to quit entirely.

    Should Danik ever consider porting PE though, then I hope he does it when PyxelEdit is feature complete.

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    When PyxelEdit will be feature-complete, porting would be even harder because the code base will be much bigger. Not to mention that there are many maintainability issues with AS3, which Danik will see as Pyxel grows (such as high possibility of spaghetti code, even if you're a good, capable programmer). That's one of the reasons I've suggested Haxe - it's very similar to AS3, both syntax and library-wise while not having as much pitfalls.

    And I will gladly wait for ported version, even if it takes time since it will be much better and possible to use on much higher range of devices and operating systems.
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