So I'm new here.

Hi there. I saw this program online when looking for a sprite editor for 2D gamemaking, and just had to buy it the minute I saw it. So as a guy who knows relatively nothing, outside of a few tutorial videos on how to use this software, where can I go to learn more about making good Pixel Art? Any tips or tricks about using Pyxel Edit are also greatly appreciated.


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    Hi ShakingMyHead130

    A few places which I often recommend are, and 
    Especially these two threads are gold <- a REALLY nice mega thread about everything in pixel art.

    It's crucial to understand how color works and which colors go well together as we're working with pixels and often not so many of them, it's therefore about conveying more information into less space. Being efficient in this usually requires a decent understanding of shading, color theory, anatomy, perspective and lighting. All of these can be related to art in general since you're still drawing from your imagination, or from reference, so if you find it hard to draw something a certain way, you'll likely also find this a problem when drawing traditionally.

    When that is said, don't be afraid about what you can't do right now or things you don't understand as most, if not all of it will make sense at some point, it just requires time and practice. 

    A few tips about PyxelEdit:
    Most of the tools have multiple actions, if you hover your mouse over a tool, then a popup will appear with more details.

    The color window which can be opened by pressing 'c' on your keyboard or by clicking on the primary or secondary color near the top left of the window, has an additional feature which by default is hidden, you can show it by clicking on the '>' button to the right. it includes Shading, Lightness, Saturation and Hue which can become very helpful if you have trouble figuring out good color combinations. 
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