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Not sure if this is possible or not but I just purchased since it seemed Pyxel might be good for this. But I have some pre-made animations that I've exported from Blender (90 x 120) in individual frames (i.e. 000.png, 002.png, 003.png) etc. Is there an easy way to import these into Pyxel and then start editing it right away? Would just like to add some extra details onto each one. 



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    Hi dreamerno56

    There is no straight forward way to do this. You can import them as tiles and then place them into the canvas.
    The process would be something like this:
    Make a new document, figure out the size of your images, for example let's say they're 64x64 and you have 8 of them, that 512x512.. but we don't need the height.
    Therefore create a document with: num of tiles wide: 8, num of tiles heigh: 1, tile width: 64, tile height: 64 and click create.
    Go to File->Import-> Import tiled image(s) (animations, ...) hold down shift, select all your images and click ok/open. in the next window, make the tile width and tile height the same size as before, them select "Tiles to current window" and click import. You'll have to do this for all your images. Once that's done you have your images in the "Tiles" window, which you can now import onto your canvas by clicking on them and click on the canvas. The process sounds tedious... and it somewhat is but it's not too bad honestly.  

  • Hi CandyFace,

    Thanks for your response. Although that doesn't sound so bad with small amounts of images, sadly I'm working with 8-Directional animations with 24 frames per animation for multiple characters .  I wish I would of known this before purchasing, thanks anyways. 
  • Yeah that's definitely going to be a problem then, there's always a possibility though that @Danik might make the importation more smooth, eg. A repeat for x images 'toggle' would be convenient for something like this.
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