[Solved] Is it possible to make an animation of an image higher than 1 tile?

SolzicSolzic Posts: 3
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I just got the program and I started to mess around with the tools to get used to it a bit. But when trying to make an animation I couldn't find a way to make it higher than 1 tile. What I mean is that when playing the animation, it goes tile by tile, what I want to know if its possible to animate a drawing higher than 1 tile. 
I don't know if I explained myself correctly, but if anyone knows how to achieve this I would be really grateful :) 


  • Nevermind, just find a way to.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 772
    Glad you figured it out. :)
    For others wondering: to make differently sized animation frames you need to use a different tile size. You can change the tile size by going to Document>Resize tiles, or creating a new document with a different tile size.
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