Color Neutralizers

I've been using PE quite happily for several months. Today I decided to do some research and studying on color theory and came across the technique of using neutralizers to keep palette size down. So I'm wondering if there's any way that PE can create a neutralizer from two colors?


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    Hi Frostnix

    Color neutralisation is one of the few things in color theory that I haven't delved too much into, by the name at least. The way I understand how it works is that you take the complementary color of your current color and make it occupy approx. 50%, so each color is taking up equally amount of pixels.  

    There is no specific feature for making color neutralizers in PyxelEdit, but if you understand the theory, then you can use the gradient feature, which will generate you a ramp between the two colors you have selected. This should in theory end up giving you neutrals if you use the right color combination. It may be not as simple as that though, because if you really want to keep your palette down, you gotta mix multiple colors that go well together, and that may be a bit more work than just letting the computer generate a ramp for you.

    Here is an example. Click on the first color so it's selected, then hold down shift when selecting the second color (a square should appear inside it), then click on the gradient button. You should now have a ramp between your two colors. Also as you can see, depending on how far away you put the colors, you'll get a bigger ramp.

    As I zoom further away you can see how the orange (brown ish) and blue are being neutralized greatly because of the in-between ramp.

    Hmm... on a second thought my example may be completely gibberish, but the way the gradient works should still be usable :smile: 
  • Ahh okay. I see. I was playing around with the gradient tool last night to see and wasn't sure if the colors towards the middle would be considered the neutralizers. I still have a lot more studying and experimenting to do but this is a good start. Thank you!
  • That's because you can't consider the middle color every time to be a neutralizer using this method, you have to start from a neutral color and go in each direction. This is also why I said my example was gibberish too because i'm actually not going towards any neutral colors.
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