Autoshading vs Autolightness

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Hi there, I just started experimenting with Pyxel Edit. The automatic color ramps could be usefull so I thought I would experiment. Someone knows which math is behind? I tried checking the HSL, but it seems like it doesn't fit to the rules I'm used to for creating color ramps.

Whatever - the main question? Do you prefer the left or the right side?
The right side is done by the Ramp for lightness the left side with the ramp for shadows


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    When you talk about color ramp, are you referring to the shading panel in the color window? If so I too am interesting in hearing how it's been put together. My own observations tell me that it's using the analogue color  rule algorithm but modified or tweaked.

    The left side is a tad more interesting but overall both a very subtle in their colors. You use 4 colors for the stones but only 3 of them are really noticeable. The main color, the shadow and the light, the last one blurs together with the main color. 
  • NomiNomi Posts: 7
    Yeah, I totally agree. Thanks for your answer :)
    Indeed I'm talking about the shading panel - it's supposed to be a color ramp, or did I get that wrong?

    I like the idea of such a automatic ramp but to be honest I had good and bad outcomes using that ramp... will go back to traditionall color ramping I guess.
  • Well, I think it depends on what you want to achieve. Left side looks like it's night time and left like it's a bright day.
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