Im so bad!

I cant do pixel art at all its so hard! Watching everyone else do it makes it look easy but the second I try everything looks wrong and ugly.  


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    I registered here just so I could respond to this since no one else has.

    First of all. Nothing is easy when you start off. Please remember that. People don't try skills and are immediately great at them. Most of the people you've probably seen have been doing pixel art for YEARS. But they all started off in the same boat as you: with zero experience. Don't let people's years of experience discourage you from building up your own experience.

    I, myself, am not that experienced of a pixel artist. I just started a few months ago. I don't draw everyday and I also don't have a great grasp on basic art fundamentals or color theory. Has that stopped me from drawing anyway? A few times, actually. I constantly doubt my own skills and artwork when I'm following so many amazing artists on Twitter. I wanna be like them. But getting the practice in when I can has made me realize how much better I am from when I started. It's slow progress, sure, but it's still progress. Even drawing one pixel piece a day will give you that experience.

    Don't go into this thinking "I'll never be as good as this person or that person." Go into this thinking "I wanna make this pixel piece so let me start by actually doing it." It might be ugly. It might not even be perfect, but it's something you've finished and learned from.

    Also make sure you read up on pixel art. There's the Pixel Art Master Tutorial, which is a great way to start. There are way more so if you need more tutorials, message me and I can send more over to you.

    As a way to practice, I've been taking existing art from games and other nerd stuff that I like and redrawing them as pixel art. It's a really awesome and fun way to practice light and shadows, color, form, and the like. Don't forget to study other artists' works as well. There's a ton of pixel artists and game devs on Twitter who post amazing work. There are even some on Twitch as well. And don't forget about old games! You can find sprite sheets of older games online. I find studying those really helps a lot as well.

    If you take away nothing else from this, at the very least, please don't give up on your art. If you power through taking the time and effort to make something constantly, you WILL improve. It won't be immediate, but over time you will notice. Good luck and I hope you keep making art! :3
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    One tip a friend of mine gave me is using reference images.

    Most of the time I'll either do a rough sketch on paper of what I want and scan it through, or I'll look online for an image close to what I want. I'll put that in its own layer and build on top of that.
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    As someone who has also just started drawing pixel art, I thank you for your inspirational words. While mastering pixel art is a task that will take years, I will never give up, as it is my passion to become an independent game developer, so I'm determined to gain all the neccessary skills I need. Thanks alot for posting the link to the tutorial, as while I am eager to get started, it's always helpful to know the best place to start.

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