Can't buy Pyxel Edit

I can't buy Pyxel Edit for some reason.
For 2 days now, I've been trying to buy it using PayPal and I keep getting a Message 3005 error.
I was wondering if this bug was known and if anyone knows a way to fix it/around it (Even though it's a problem with PayPal, someone here might know of a way)
PayPal is my only way of paying on HumbleBundle, so I'm really bummed out right now that I can't get it.


  • Hi MrTin

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble buying Pyxel Edit. I've been reading on other forums that clearing your browser cache might help, or alternatively if you have more than one browser, use that instead and see if that fixes it.
  • I already tried those options and they don't fix my problem, sadly.
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