Release 0.4.1 & 0.4.2

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Release 0.4.1 is now out!

This update focuses mostly on the drawing tools, bug fixes, and better crash handling to make it less likely work is lost.
The windows version now has an installer that sets up the correct file associations. On Mac it is a simple .dmg with the app folder inside as I haven't yet figured out how to make a fancy one. Let me know if there are any issues.

Download it from your Humble page, or your page on
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Changes in 0.4.1:
  • Implemented auto save with customizable interval.
  • Much more robust crash document dump/restore system.
  • Added rectangle tool.
  • Added ellipse tool.
  • Added double click with magic wand tool to select the whole connected component (separated by transparency).
  • Added lock ratio feature for shape tools by holding shift.
  • Added centered drawing feature for shape tools by holding ctrl/cmd.
  • Improved color replacer tool, added support for replacing with/replacing transparency.
  • Fixed ctrl/cmd-alt dragging with pen and eraser to change brush size.
  • Fixed filling with transparency using ctrl/cmd with flood fill tool.
  • Fixed color chooser window red input getting cleared when showing it using the hotkey.
  • Made it so that double clicking while transforming deselects instead of selecting the whole clicked tile.
  • Made it so that it's possible to middle-mouse pan over transform widget pixels.
  • Fixed crash when selecting a swatch while replacing a color.
  • Fixed crash on clicking the next or previous frame buttons with no active animation.
  • Better error logging.
  • Fixed eraser breaking when picking transparency with RMB.
  • Added dialog with different options for considering rotations or mirrorings, as well as using all or only the current layer in "Reidentify layer tiles."
  • Added setting for palette swatch sizes.
  • Added setting for default tileset zoom level.
  • Optimized animation playback.
0.4.2 fixes a couple of issues:
    • Fixed issue that stopped drawing in frame view after chaning frame.
    • Fixed eraser brush preview not showing for color with alpha less than 127.
    • Fixed possible crash on drawing outside canvas/frame mask.
    • Fixed not being able to switch tool after canceling a stroke with pen tool.


    • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
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      O_O! auto save and shape tools ヽ( ຶ▮  ຶ)ノ!!!

      Awesome work Danik ;)
      I believe a lot of people will be happy to see that a crash restore system has been implemented.
    • rosa89n20rosa89n20 Posts: 1
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      Hello! I can't download the new version on license page. It show the Invalid licence page.
      I bought PE on Humble Bundle

      *Problem solved!
      I've found a post on forum discuss this problem also, I change to IE browser and it work now!
    • MadByteMadByte Posts: 5
      awesome! Thanks for the update! 
    • Thanks for the update, bought this the other day so really glad to still see it being updated. Really great program keep up the good work!
    • Hello!

      When I download the latest version I get an installer while for the 0.4.0 I was able to download a standalone program. Is there a standalone version, no install, for the 0.4.1?

      Thanks in advance ;)
    • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
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      Hi @capt_eatbones

      The standalone (zip version) is available beneath installer link. btw. 0.4.2 is the newest version, Danik just haven't updated the title yet ;)
    • Thank for you fast answer :)

      However, I'm downloading the new version from the Humble Store and I get only a Download button link with the installer. Is there another way to download it that I'm surely missing? :D

      Thanks again.
    • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
      Ahh sorry about that, I don't know about the content on the Humble store page. Out of curiosity though, have you tried to recover a link for the pyxel page ?
    • DanikDanik Posts: 899
      If you follow the link at the top of the download page ("Click here for your Pyxel Edit key", slightly misleading) you should be taken to your page on, it has more download options. :)
    • Thanks, now it got it ;)

      Yes, it is misleading, especially if don't remember it.


      These were just AMAZING!

      Added rectangle tool.
      Added ellipse tool.
      Made it so that double clicking while transforming deselects instead of selecting the whole clicked tile.

      Not really sure about what the autosave does yet, but I'll check it out. 

    • Nice, I'm really looking forward to that auto-save feature. Nobody likes losing work!

      I was really hoping the straight line drawing bug would get fixed in this version though. :/
    • Fantastic to see new tools arriving in this software. Especially glad to see the autosave function! Keep up the great work!
    • monmon Posts: 1
      I was hoping for elliptical for long time.

      Thank You very much for the update.
    • The new drawing tools are really useful, especially the elipse! Thanks a lot!

      On a slightly negative note, I'm not a fan of the "Double click tile select" changes (Though this could be a bug). Quite often I use (four) double clicks to quickly copy and paste a tile, but this isn't possible after the recent changes as I have to double click, single click, double click again, and the timings seem a little odd so it ends up feeling quite janky and doesn't work as responsively as before. Any chance that these "new" controls could be an option?

      And once again, although I know it would take a load of work, it would be really, really great if we had a way to insert tiles in animations. Even if there was just a command to bump every existing tile over by 1 or something, that would really be a game changer in terms of efficiency!

      Cheers for the updates :)
    • @Charlie what you're mentioning does indeed seem to be a bug, if not, I totally agree that it should be changed again as it's definitely not as responsive as before. You're welcome to make a bug report about it :)
    • First of all, thanks for the update.

      Second, For some reason I gotten issues with my Intuos tablet (again). It happen whenever I switched between Pencil to Eraser or vice versa, I've tried to change or remove my Wacom table preferences like I did with earlier version (most of the time it's works) but it's not at this time. It's (maybe) minor issues as I can use mouse but it's quite bugging me, when I need to speed up time with tablet. :/
    • TiernichTiernich Posts: 2
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      Hey guys, this program work fine in Linux Mint 17.1 with Wine. Spread the Word for Linux Users!
    • OH MY GUSH !
      Thanks a lot !
    • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
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      Stealth update \o/
      0.4.3 has been released!

      If you can't wait for Danik to update the thread, here's the changelog:


      • Fixed issue with double clicking to select tile bounds, changed cooldown after deselecting.
      • Fixed document dumps not getting restored correctly (only top layer got restored).
      • Changed export browse dialog to select a file instead of dir, for easier replacing of existing files.
      • Added "Paste from clipboard" button in license prompt.
      • Added button for opening license page directly from update checker in program.
      • Added setting to disable touch input (caused problems with some input devices such as the Microsoft Surface stylus)
      • Fixed possible crash when setting animation range.
      • Fixed possible crash when drawing with pen or eraser in frame view.
      • Fixed pan tool not working properly with touch.
    • KnoronKnoron Posts: 1
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    • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
      0.4.4 has been released! \o/

      • Made selections render in the frame edit panel.
      • Fixed crash when dragging a file without extension into the window.
      • Frame manager tool that allows copying, pasting frames and canvas tiles including content in all layers. Also allows inserting and removing frames in animations.
      • Changed presentation of animation frame durations. Frame delay is now simply given in milliseconds, and the whole animation has a speed multiplier in its settings.
      • Made animations frame markers more subtle, unless using one of the animation tools.
      • Pen tool iso line constraint (1:1 and 2:1) when holding ctrl and shift.
      • Optimized GIF exporting.
      • Made shape tool 'exact ratio' setting disabled by default.
      • Better error handling when saving document. Running out of memory should now be handled gracefully with an error message, and an option to dump the document data so that it can be restored.
      • Added some save file validation (file existence, reasonable size & timestamp).
      • Better error handling when creating a new document.
      • Fixed tile dimensions calculation in Resize Canvas dialog.
      • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working after clicking layer visibility button.
      • Fixed crash when closing program with multiple unsaved documents with changes in workspace.
      • Fixed an issue with the has-changes state for documents.
      • Fixed rare crash when drawing with the pen or eraser.
      • Added hotkeys for selecting next/previous layer (page up/down).
      • Added hotkeys for next/previous tile and palette swatch (shift/ctrl + page up/down).
      • Made new document frames open maximized, unless the current open document frame is not maximized.
      • Added open document tab bar.
      • Changed select tool marquee behavior to make it possible to click to select/deselect single pixels.
      • Fixed layers list sometimes disappearing after layer delete/merge + undo.
      • Added menu item to open application storage folder in the OS.
      • Fixed unchecked layers getting exported as "null" instead of nothing in json tile map export.
      Awesome job Danik!
    • Made a forum account just to say thank you, the selection not rendering in frame edit was a huge problem when doing animation work.
      Love the software!
    • siba2893siba2893 Posts: 2
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      Hi, the Mac version is not working, after I download it. It fails to open the DMG.

    • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
      edited May 2017

      It looks like your download has become corrupted somehow, try to re-download the file again.
    • siba2893siba2893 Posts: 2
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      Im sorry to keep bothering but, Im experiencing a weird bug with saving files. Specifically happens with save as.
    • aelbersaelbers Posts: 5
      Very nice & stable tool. I'm curious what you will come up with next!
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