dividing into layers

Hello, i made a sprite for my game. the sprite is all in one layer and that needs to change, so heres my question-

without having to redraw each part individually for a new layer, how do i divide each part into its own separate layers?

side note @danik
can we get a full, comprehensive tutorial of EVERY feature of this program? In such tutorial, assume the reader has never used a program such as ms paint, gimp, photoshop, ect.


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    Hi demonlight

    There is no straight forward way to do such thing, I would do it like this:
    Start selecting one of the parts of your sprite, ie. an arm, either using the selection tool or the magic wand tool, or a combination of both, hold shift to keep selecting, when you're satisfied with your selection press delete to remove the part from your main layer, create a new layer, and copy your part onto it.
  • so in short its not a function?
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    Yes, there is no function for such an operation.
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