Wacom Tablet Not working

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While using pyxel edit i am unable to use my wacom tablet to draw. It will only paint the initial touch of the tablet and stop after that, which makes it to where i can not paint streaks at all. it is acting like the input is not passing through to pyxel edit.

I am using windows 8 and a Wacom Bamboo Model MTE-450A.


Seems the problem only occurs in the adobe air version, Tablet works on the portable version


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    I happen to have the very same model and Windows 8.1 so I can confirm this.

    Interesting thing is, that if you quickly double tap and start to draw with second tap, it works fine.

    But because it occurs not only with drawing but also any input (sliders etc.), it doesn't seem like programming error. I also tried an random AIR app I found from internet and this happens with it also, so this bug is between AIR and Wacom drivers. I haven't used portable version and don't know how different it is than AIR version (technically).

    I don't have time to investigate this any further today, but I'll report if I found something later.
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    Thanks for the info. It seems to work fine for me on Windows 7, so it might be an issue with Air on Win 8. It is very odd if it works in the standalone version though.
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    So it is already tomorrow here and I have fought some useless battles with Wacom drivers and Windows control panel.

    But the true villain turned out to be the Adobe Air. I downloaded the portable version of Pyxel and discovered that it uses AIR 3.8 while the latest stable version is 3.9.

    I found old AIR versions from internet and while the exactly same version works fine, Adobe had broken something already in the last subversion of 3.8.

    Having old version installed isn't optimal situation and the autoupdate keeps reminding you that.
    Luckily the latest Air beta 4.0 seems to fix the Wacom issue and I haven't noticed any new issues.
    ("AIR 4 Beta Installers" is the right section to download from.)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    That makes sense. I'm glad you found a solution to the problem!
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