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Came back here through a tweet, last time I checked the project was stuck in the prototype stage (the free beta) and I never thought development would resume! When I saw you seriously started working on it I immediately bought a license!

Great job, keep it up, this tool is amazing!


  • I'm so jealous! Still waiting for an option to buy it for myself. ^_^

    Welcome by the way! What are you going to use Pyxel Edit for? For general usage, or do you happen to create a game as well?

    Enjoy your stay! =)
  • Yeah I have my own engine, which I've been developing as a hobby for the past years. I found Pyxel to be the easiest and fastest way for me to mock-up and make tilesets, it's simply amazing :) I'll probably never finish my game in commercial viable terms, but I love working on it :)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 785
    Thank you very much, it makes me happy to know people like it any find it useful! :)
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