Accessory programs for sprite animation

First off I'll start by saying I love pyxel edit for sprite work.  Here's an example of something I've done in pyxel edit.


Now to the question: Is there is another program that accepts the sprites I've made in pyxel edit so that I can compile them into larger animations which combine multiple sprites I've animated using pyxel edit?

I have no art/animation background so I might be asking the question in a way that makes no sense, or the wrong question entirely.  If that's that's the case, just ask for clarifications using specifics cause I'm flailing a bit here!


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited June 2016
    Hi Njorunn

    I assume you're talking about sprite-sheets? if so then it should only be a matter of matching whatever size your other sprites has, import the sprite-sheet into your other program, and make the necessary changes.

    The sprite-sheet format used by Pyxel Edit is pretty standard, so you should be able to just import your assets as png into a different program... say GraphicsGale, and be able to combine them, given that the pixel position and space is the same.
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