Eraser uses alpha/opacity of current colour

empikaempika Posts: 13

This might well be working as intended, but I find it a little odd.

Steps to reproduce:

* Select a colour
* Draw some stuff
* Reduce the alpha channel of the colour (not the opacity from the menu bar)
* Draw a some more stuff
* Right click an empty area of the canvas, or select the eraser
* Erase some of the fully opaque area you first drew, note how the eraser has the same opacity/alpha as the currently selected colour.

I would expect the eraser to be fully opaque unless there were some setting for eraser opacity (which there doesn't seem to be).



  • inkBotinkBot Posts: 53
    I was going to make a thread about this, because I noticed it now (not sure how it's gone by me) but it's really weird. I don't think it's intended and should probably be looked at. But since there was already a thread about it, I'm bumping it.
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