Surpassing the 256 color cap/Color information

Hey there, I am quite new to all this.

So I made a nice isometric scenery pixel art, and I did a lot of shading etc. When I went to export it as an animation (I did a small water loop) it said that the color cap for gifs is 256 and some colors were converted. Now as you can imagine, this completely ruined the image overall, as some frames got different colors and there is no fluidity anymore.

Is there a way to know how many colors I've used in the image to try and reduce/replace some until I reach the cap?
Why is that implemented anyway, when there are many gif programs that surpass the 256 color rule?
Is there a way to limit my color use for future animations, example, a 256 palette?

This is turning out to be very frustrating as I love the program but this minor issue is really discouraging.


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    Hi Samaramon

    Gif is a very old format and by its own limitations, does not allow more than 256 colors, what you want is Truecolor gif support, this allows for more than 256 colors, and is something which has been discussed before. It's been a while since that discussion though and I haven't heard anything new regarding support for this.
    @Danik Is something like this on the roadmap?

    You can use the site below to check your color count. It is made by a user from one of the bigger pixel art boards. You just upload your image to an image host, and paste the link. Pyxel Edit unfortunately does not count your colors either *host* Feature request *host*...

    Alternatively you could export your animation as a spritesheet and use something like this.

    I haven't tested it though, so I don't know how good it is.
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