How do I run Pyxel Edit???

I have bought and downloaded Pyxel edit but how do i actually open it? I have the Pyxeledit0.4.0 folder and the readme file but where do i extract them to and then what do i do?


  • I'm on windows 10 btw
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    Hi shadyknights

    it is quite straight forward, you can put PyxelEdit where you want, but of course you could make a folder called Pyxel Edit, place it in "program files" and make a shortcut that leads to the desktop.

    When you've done that, you just start the program, insert the activation code and start working :)
  • Okay but there doesn't seem to be a way to actually run it? I have extracted it to a folder named Pyxel edit in program files but i can't find anything to make it run.
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    The program itself should come as a exe, when you've extracted the zip, the content should look somewhat like this. it might not look exactly like this, as I took this picture on a mac :P
    If it doesn't, then try to download the program again.
  • I have the .exe file but when i try to run it it says: Windows cannot access it and that i might not have the right permissions then my virus software tells me it's infected? i'm very confused. When i run as administrator it says: The parameter is incorrect.
  • I have already deleted it and re-downloaded it; same issue.
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    Hmm sounds like it's putting it in quarantine, it's a false positive though,so you just have to whitelist the program in your AV software. You could also try to temporary disable your AV and see if it works.
  • It was placed in quarantine, i white listed it and now it works. Thanks for your help! 
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