How do you change the tileset?

Jokk3Jokk3 Posts: 4
I would like to view the tilemap and see how it looks like with different tilesets. I use same tile placement for all my tilesets.
Is it possible to replace the tileset easily in the Pyxel Edit?


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    Hi Jokk3

    Could you please elaborate, or show an example, I don't use tiles and tilemaps that much, so I'm not exactly sure what you trying to achieve?

    You can import multiple tilesets onto your canvas using the import option and select the tilesets you want to import, then tick the "Tiles to current document" so they end up on the same canvas. Afterwards you could add one tileset on layer one, then the second tileset on layer two and toggle them on/off to see the effect, but I guess that's not what you want?
  • Jokk3Jokk3 Posts: 4
    OK. The idea is to use same tilemap on different pats of the game - but making the look different by altering what tilesets those tilemaps use. You could have tilemap for an castle and one tileset for the castle in all its glory and other for the rundown version. It would be extremely convenient to do this easily while in the drawing processes.

    To do this, all my tilesets have tiles in the same order. This is so that, for example, tile index 12 always has the outside left top corner tiles image in every tileset.

    I can import to Pyxel Edit but that does not replace the current tileset. Deleting previous tiles from the tileset also destroys their reference in tilemap (tile indices). Drawing tilemap copy for the new tileset takes long time on larger maps.

    All you would need to do on technical level is to change the tileset image that the Pyxel uses for that document.  
  • nesrocksnesrocks Posts: 2
    I just needed this feature and came looking for it. Apparently it can't be done still?
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