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Version 0.4.0 is now released! You can get it from your download page here at, and it should become available on Humble shortly it's now available on Humble as well.

This release took a long time to get ready, and while it doesn't have all the features I wanted to add, it's far more stable than 0.3.108 so I wanted to get it out already. From now on I'll try to make smaller more frequent updates that are all public, and follow the version number scheme 0.X.Y, where Y is incremented on minor releases and X on major releases.

Note: It's recommended that you uninstall any previous version. Because of the problems with the AIR installer version and AIR updates that break things, I have abandoned the .air builds. The builds are now standalone and bundled with a fixed AIR runtime version. Right now that means there is no installer so you will need to assign the file format to the program manually with this version.

Changes since 0.3.108:
  • Added a dialog with choices "Single tile", "Tiled image" and "Animated GIF", when drag-n-dropping an image from the OS, instead of assuming a tiled image.
  • Fixed crash on closing a unsaved document with changes using the "X" button and choosing yes in save dialog.
  • Fixed layer blend modes not getting loaded properly.
  • Fixed animation playback panel buttons not getting deactivated when no document was open.
  • Fixed frame delay when changing animation, so that it no longer sticks until end of frame.
  • Fixed animation viewport issue when switching frame after zooming.
  • Fixed issue resulting in a gray screen on startup.
  • Fixed drag and drop.
  • Fixed selections getting the wrong color for selected parts after inverting, which broke the fill tool
  • Fixed case sensitivity for for file extensions in ImageImporter (could not open upper case .PNG files).
  • Fixed issue when using Replace color on a semi-transparent color.
  • Made the animated GIF importer choose the width and height of the document more intelligently to be as close to a square as possible.
  • Added button "Use clipboard size" when making a new single tile document.
  • Moved over to captive runtime ("portable") builds for both Win and Mac because of issues with unreliable AIR updates. You no longer need to install Adobe AIR, but you'll need to associate .pyxel files with the program manually for now.
  • Fixed issue where license checking failed if the name began or ended with a space.
  • Fixed Ctrl+H hiding the application window until restart on Windows.
  • Added BMP export support.
  • Allowing picking a new color from document or palette while using Replace color or Adjust swatch color.
  • Added cancelling of strokes by hitting the other mouse button, with setting to enable/disable the feature.
  • Fixed issue with glitchy alpha on the edges of tiles with certain transformations.
  • Moved onion skins on top of current frame pixel contents.
  • Refactoring brush stroke system to show exact stroke results during stroke (including erased pixels, blend modes etc.).
  • Make detached widgets update their title properly.
  • Fixed crash when creating a new document after detaching and closing the preview panel.
  • Added setting for maximum brush size.
  • Added setting to disable double click to select tile with selection tool.
  • Added "=" to zoom in (for US keyboards).
  • Added "Edit settings" menu item to layer right click menus.
  • Added NES palette preset.
  • Fixed "Tiles as separate files" option not being remembered.
  • Removed "auto" file format option.
  • Added control for choosing the background color for formats with limited transparency support (fixes purple semi-transparent pixels in GIFs).
  • Added dropdown for recently used paths.
  • Separated export file name and path inputs.
  • Made export dialogs remember last used paths per document.
  • Improved export dialogs layout.
  • Added optional loading of plain text license file from application directory (for portable version)
  • Added optional loading of default config files from application directory (for portable version).
  • User keybindings now override defaults based on action or key combination.
  • Separated config files into settings, keybindings, layout and persistant state.
  • Moved user config into separate file, so that it survives version updates etc.
  • Improved undo behaviour for selection tool.
  • Fixed bug that made files for layers with identical names get overwritten when exporting image layers as separate files.
  • Added action and menu item for showing settings window.
  • Made "other layers transparent on pan" disabled by default.
  • Fixed brush stroke getting in an inconsistent state when changing brush size mid stroke.
  • Made brush size increase/decrease using scroll work for all tools responding to the action.
  • Fixed tool delegation.
  • Fixed undo for animation range tool animation range change action.
  • Working eraser with selection mask.
  • Fixed MMB-panning getting stuck if done after space-panning.
  • Fixed scrollbar not showing for layer checkboxes in tilemap export panel.
  • Added a "flip selected"-feature and made it accessible in selection menu (ctrl+F, ctrl+shift+F).
  • Fixed round brush for color replacer tool.
  • Fixed blend modes not working on copy merged.
  • Fixed application window title not updating on saving a document with a new name.
  • Fixed selection menu items not being deactivated when no open document.
  • Made the color replacer tool show colored brush preview instead of outline.
  • Added eraser as a secondary operation for the pen tool.
  • Made palette export/import path get remembered.
  • Made transp. matte color get remembered both as app-wide last used setting and per document.
  • Fixed using Replace color with transparent colors.
  • Made transparency matte color selector show in animated GIF export panel.
  • Small bug fixes in export panels. Made transparency matte bg color save with document.
  • Fixed "Export tilemap" menu item disabled state when no open doc.
  • Big refactoring of the export panels. Fixed tilemap not exporting only the selected layers.
  • Made workspace recent paths update when opening a Recent file from the menu.
  • Fixed dragdrop of BMP images into app.
  • Improved selection tool behavior. It now includes the clicked pixel in the selection, which has a minimum with and height of 1 pixel.
  • Fixed selection shape not being respected when copying.
  • Fix misaligned tile/pixel grid rendering
  • Fixed small error where the marquee selection tooltip displayed the wrong size for 1x1 selections.
  • Raised the distance threshold before dragging tileset and palette items, to make accidental dragging harder.
  • Added undo for layer blend mode changes.
  • Made pen tool brush preview show Tile mask effect before stroking.
  • Fixed bug where pixels masked off when drawing with Tile mask enabled were lingering in stroke buffer and reappeared when drawing in that region later.
  • Made color picker "Use all layers" setting get remembered between sessions, and shared with pen tool RMB color picking.
  • Added extras menu with "refresh all tiles in the canvas" item. Moved experimental color replace to extras menu.
  • Using the color replace feature no longer takes huge amounts of memory for the undo state.


  • LudiqLudiq Posts: 3
    Where is that download page? I downloaded my from Humble but its still not updated.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    It will take a while before it becomes available on Humble, but if you follow the key link at the top of the page ("Click here for your Pyxel Edit key"), you will be taken to your page on where you can find it.
  • TryTry Posts: 1
    I can use my wacom properly (except the eraser) in this version! 
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    edited April 2016
    That's a really nice surprise, congratulations on the new release though i'm a bit drunk so checking out the release will not happen before tomorrow :P

  • tiltfoxtiltfox Posts: 2
    Extremely glad to see a new version coming out! I downloaded it, but my question is, is this a portable version? Yesterday I downloaded 0.3.108 and the zipped file had an AIR install in it. 0.4.0 seems to just have the launch .exe, and the older version of Pyxel Edit doesn't detect any updates. Is this by design? Should I just remove the old version and drop the new Pyxel Edit folder in Program Files? 
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Thanks Try and CandyFace!

    Tiltfox: Yup, it's a portable (standalone might be more accurate) version. The AIR installer version had too many issues with things that broke with AIR updates, so now it uses a fixed AIR version for more control.
    Yeah exactly, you can uninstall the old version and place the new one in Program Files. You'll need to associate .pyxel files with the new version manually as there's no installer atm.

    The new version is now available on Humble as well.
  • tiltfoxtiltfox Posts: 2
    Thank you so much! Fantastic work!
  • NollakaksNollakaks Posts: 2
    edited April 2016
    Sorry but I dont understand how to update to new version..? "Key link top of the page" ? "download page" ?
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623

    Use the download link you received when you bought Pyxel Edit. If you bought it via the Humble widget, then check your account there.  

    If you've lost your link, you can retrieve it using this page:
  • Yes, found it earlier. Thanks anyway!
  • DietChuggDietChugg Posts: 10
    I really like the new flip feature. I'm sure I'll use that one alot! Congrats on the release!
  • DietChuggDietChugg Posts: 10
    "you will need to assign the file format to the program manually with this version."

    How do I do this? Open With Default Program is not coming up with Pyxel Edit even if I browse right to PyxelEdit.exe
  • DietChuggDietChugg Posts: 10
    "you will need to assign the file format to the program manually with this version."

    How do I do this? Open With Default Program is not coming up with Pyxel Edit even if I browse right to PyxelEdit.exe
    nvm. My registery got messed up somehow. I got it fixed.
  • MarrtMarrt Posts: 6
    edited April 2016
    Wanted to say how awesome the new "Reidentify layer tiles" feature is, but then i realized it was already part of the last release :D, my ignorance hurting me.

    Is it possible to copy all layers and paste them back into the right layers in one go? If i need to change the order of a spritesheet i always have to move/reassign-tiles layer by layer.

    Awesome tool! Keep it up!

  • WegPastWegPast Posts: 59
    Cool ! Great work @Danik, ready for beta test 4.1 :D
  • I have an issue with the Layer box with the layers disappearing from the box (version 0.4.0) i need to resize it to make them appear again.
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    edited April 2016

    You mean that the layer tab minimizes itself at some point? When does this happen and do you know how to reproduce the bug?

    Please make a dedicated thread about it in the "bug reports" forum, and try to give as much information as possible regarding the problem ;)
  • jonathanhjonathanh Posts: 5
    edited April 2016
    I had trouble downloading 0.4.0 from my pyxeledit download page (OS X, Safari). Download would go really slowly, then fail around 95%. Had to grab it from my humble page. Not sure if this is something on my end or the server, just reporting =]

    Congrats on the release! Happy to check it out.

    //edit - app doesn't launch on Mac :\

    Trying to download again from the PE site, fails at 20.1Mb. Is the mac download corrupt or something?
  • Can't edit, so I'll double post - I was finally able to download from the main PE site, and that app works. I guess the Humble download for mac is borked or something.
  • cdodge89cdodge89 Posts: 1
    Just want to say that I love pyxel edit and I think you did great job with the product. I'm also glad you continue to update it!
  • NodepondNodepond Posts: 9
    Hey. Thanks a lot for the update!

    I really do not mind for "slow updates" - I even like it, because all this "permanent updates" on all the other apps really annoys me - especially if it is an artistic tool, like a pixel-editor, and you have to re-learn stuff all the time.
  • gl000mgl000m Posts: 2
    Just installed and update my PE to 0.4.0. and I find improvement while I'm using Wacom Intuos, much better than earlier version (I used 0.3.108.). Although it's still lagging sometime, hope it getting better in the next update (or maybe any fellow member know how to fix this, kinda new here) . 

    Thanks Danik, for the update!
  • willpoweredwillpowered Posts: 16
    There's a bug related to drawing straight lines using the shift key in this version.
  • KodeInKodeIn Posts: 1
    It took some time, but the release is packed with new features. Thanks a lot for your great job.
  • GaanderGaander Posts: 3
    Great! Thanks for sticking to it and keeping up your great work! Kudos!
  • voidburnvoidburn Posts: 3
    Great job! Loving the new version already!
  • fbepyonfbepyon Posts: 1

    I just got this amazing program, and I would like say it everything I have been looking for when it comes to pixel art, I have been using Paint Shop Pro 8.0 for many many years, and you have final made something that compares to the functions I need.

    The only thing I have a problem with is I use a Surface 3 Pro, and I'm so used to using my fingers to control the canvas (panning and zooming).  Is there any chance you are considering adding these into the program for better control with tablet hardware?

    Anyways thanks for this excellent program!!  I look forward to more updates..


  • KingCainKingCain Posts: 2
    edited August 2016

  • KingCainKingCain Posts: 2
    edited August 2016
    Where did the shading,Hue,lighting and all of the other stuff go?? In my opinion that was one of the best features of this program.
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    KingCain, that feature is still available. Open the Color panel, either by clicking on the foreground or by pressing c, then click on the ">" button.
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