Is anyone interested in having a PE.StackExchange Page?

Deadly_CicadaDeadly_Cicada Posts: 4
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I'm not sure if this is taboo territory seeing as we have a Q&A page here on the PE forum, but I thought it might help to have a Stack Exchange page for PE so we can have a dedicated Q&A area that would use a more succinct and powerful search engine to help people find answers to their problems.

If this is a big no-no, I can delete the group etc. but I figured that It couldn't hurt to set one up temporarily and see what happens. Hopefully this is only a help and not a hindrance :)

Finally, If you are interested I would recommend starting a profile on the Area51 site and Following/Committing to the PE community proposal.


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    While I don't have anything against it, I don't think the community is active enough to benefit having another place to discuss issues and ask question. I think the forum serves its purpose and don't see why a stack-exchange board should be used too.

    This is just my humble opinion though :P
  • Good thought. 

    I'm not sure how active a proposition on Area51 has to be to turn into an actual Stack Group. My guess is that you're most likely right haha.
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