Inserting/deleting frames in an animation?

Heya, guys. It just occurred to me that PE seemingly lacks one of the most important features for an animation editor - the ability to insert and remove frames at will. Say you've got a 40 tile long animation and you decide it's not smooth enough and you need a couple more tiles somewhere in the middle. What do you do? IS there anything to do, other then weep and cry because your whole work is ruined?


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    Click on the gear icon next to your selected animation, in the "animations" panel. There you can change the length of your animation. If you need more tiles, you can resize your canvas by going to document->resize canvas and insert any number of tiles. I hope this answers your question.
  • No, that's not what I mean. You can edit an animation's length, sure, but you can't make adjustments to the animation you've already got. You can "clear" a tile, but this action just creates an empty tile instead of removing it completely from the grid. And if you want to insert some blank tiles inside your animation, you can't just do that - you have to manually copy/paste the existing tiles to sort of "move" them farther right. This is very tiresome and very frustrating, especially considering that "add/remove frame" is a basic function that any editor should have. I've grown fond of PE, I don't want to go back to Pro Motion, but as of now it seems that this program isn't suited for working with long animations where little adjustments like that need to be made all the time.
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    Yes that is true. The tile system works much like the traditional frames which you are used to, except for the fact that you're not able to manipulate those frames in the same sense, and therefore can't add or remove frames at will as with most other animation software. The process is meant to be a more intuitive way of animating, though it does get quite tiresome when you have to manually move all your sprites precisely one or more tiles to either left, right up or down, depending on your length. If you can't afford the time in your pipeline it might take to do the job manually, you might want to stay with Pro Motion for something like that for now. I agree though, the process could be easier. 
  • I just wish some solution for this would be implemented soon. PE is perfect in every other way except for this.

    (Maybe this discussion should be moved to Feature Requests?)
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