Tile/animation layers


Is it possible to save a tile/animation frame using all layers within that current tile? I am building my character up using separate layers for each body part, but when I move to the next frame for animation it will only add the current layer to the tile/frame. Shouldn't it work so that all layers are displayed? Otherwise there is no point to using layers except for static images. It is the same when using the ctrl+click to save the current tile.


  • vvightvvight Posts: 2
    Ok, I have figured out that when animating the layers are all applied for each frame, but it still leaves tiles. When I want to add a current tile to the tileset using ctrl+click it only adds the current layer. 

  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    Hi Vvight

    Yes that is true, the Ctrl + click from the tile player tool will only make a copy of what is available on the layer you are looking at. If you want to make a tile copy of the contents of all the layers, then you either have to merge them, or make a copy of each layer individually.
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