Divide image export?

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So as an example workflow I make a new tiled document however I do not bother specifically setting the tiles etc up, so basically every tile is 0 index, but the actual image has the overlays for the grids which is handy to know what the boundaries are.

Anyway once I am done painting with lets say a 320x32 (10 tiles at 32x32) I then want to save each tile as its own image, however none of the exports do this without me explicitly setting tile numbers etc. So is there a way for me to either quickly just have it auto assign tiles from left to right etc, or to just get it to export each tile as an individual image? (I basically just want to work as if its a big image with layers but slice it up on export)

Hope this makes sense.


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    Hi Grofit

    No currently there is no way to auto assign tiles to a number, it would be a convenient feature though :o
    The only way to export each tile separated is to manually assign a number to each of your tiles, and add them to the "tiles" window.
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