Pyxel Edit: 3D Viewer


I've just made a useful tools for Pyxel Edit:
Pyxel Edit: 3D Viewer

With this tools, you're allowed to see your 2D sprites as fake 3D sprites. And it's work all complety live. So you work something on pyxel edit, save it and the viewer show your updated sprites. :) And this tools was made by Game Maker: Studio

More informations and features are on sites!

And @dev I hope the name is okay. Otherwise I can change it again. I just want to be sure. :) 



  • Wow this is really amazing. Question... is there any way to rotate any other axis? Or plans for that in a future update? Also is there a way to pause the rotation?
  • Yes, there will be a function to pause rotation. I forget this function. :) I'll update it soon.
  • DelahDelah Posts: 18
    Nice, will there be an Air or Mac version?
  • How did you make this? Is it like a mod for Pyxel Edit? Or are you an official dev?
  • +1 for a mac version,
    looks great would love to use a tool like this :)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    This is awesome! :)
  • ChinafreakChinafreak Posts: 8
    edited March 2016
    @Delah @coldMaster If you guys want a Mac Version then you've to give Mac-Computer to me, because I don't have this very expensive computer...

    @SurgeMedic this is not actually a mod for Pyxel Edit and I'm not an official dev. This is just an external program. :) If file was changed, then the viewer just update the models.
  • This is really cool! Is it just for viewing sprites as 3D textures, or is there also a practical use for it?
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