Expandable Selection tool

As title mentions, i was thinking if you can add a little touch on the selection tool by allowing the user to expand / reduce the selected area to the users need.

It came to me when i was structuring my tiles to act as a sprite sheet for some things i was working on. I was thinking on how i was going to structure it until i said "based on the states the character is going to be. [Idle State vs Running State vs Jumping State etc." the problem came down to me moving my whole tiles around. me being 1px too much / too less and had to do the whole selection tool again until i get it perfect. now what makes it even worse is that the zoom doesn't like to co-operate with me either (it zooms in and out the same place, no matter where my mouse is) making zoom not effective either.

It takes me a while before i am able to put the sprites where i want them for the animations, which is why i brought this up. something to make our lives just a tad easier.


P.S. as i was writing this, i found that "shift+doubleclick" can help by adding selections withing the tile grid, which helps a bit. however, it would be nice if it's still implemented so i don't have to double click every time.
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