unique tileset per layer

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Basically I am using Pyxel as a map editor for clickteam fusion. The reason for this is that fusion is really bad at reusing code between frames. Instead my whole game is coded in a single frame and a parser loads different pyxel made maps.

The gotcha moment comes when I have to place active objects in every map. The way pyxel saves a tileset does not allow me to put anything but an ID number per tile. Since different levels have different tilesets, my enemy spawning tile objects can not be mixed with the level tile objects.

This could be easily solved if Pyxel had a way to use a different tile set on some of the map layers. That way I can have a dedicated tileset for enemy spawning objects, separate from the level map tile set. Pyxel's file needs to have metadata for each layer as to what tileset it is using.

Can you please add this feature to Pyxel, it will make it's map editor a hell of a more convenient to use.

For more information about the map parser:

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