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kiokio Posts: 3
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Hey - I started using pyxel a few days ago, and its a really handy and sexy tool! As it's still a little rough around the edges I thought starting a little feedback thread would be a good idea to keep this thing improving further.

For my background, i'm a professional game artist/tech artist for several years now - so hopefully my comments dont seem too random..

As im quite new to pyxel  - I might have overlooked features or did not understand how they actually work, that being said lets get startet:

- please save the export settings, its so annoying to set these paths again and again

- sorting tiles doenst really work, switching positions is not enough. It would be nice to drop tiles "between" two tiles

- make transparent a color? or is there some way to floodfill the eraser?

- tab to next dialog field is not really clean, it toggles  the tileID overlay, and or selects labels

- save the editor window layout

- how does the color replacement tool work?

- add an "indexed" palette mode - so colours are referenced and can be tweaked globally in the palette

- do not show the cursor preview in the animation playback 

- animation timing on a per frame basis

- doubleclicking on layername // animation should allow to change the name

- layeroptions dialog isnt all that useful for now - wouldnt it be better to add a photoshop like opacity slider option on top

- the much requested brush opacity feature would be really handy

thank you. Benjamin


  • DanikDanik Posts: 786
    Hi Benjamin,
    Thanks for the feedback, I agree with most of it.

    To answer some of your questions:
    You can floodfill with transparency using the flood fill tool by holding Ctrl/Cmd.
    The color replacer tool only affects pixels that have the secondary color, you can also replace colors globally using Color > Replace current color.
    I probably won't add an indexed color mode to keep it simple, but you can replace colors globally. Is there any other advantage of an indexed palette? Maybe I can add equivalent functionality without a separate mode.

  • kiokio Posts: 3
    ok thanks for the floodfill clear, and color replace info

    Yeah i guess the indexed mode isnt really worth the trouble, as there are many more essential things to do

    ive got another one:

    - add a copy all layers for the tile brush

  • DanikDanik Posts: 786
    Yes, that would be a nice feature, thanks!
  • sashasasha Posts: 1
    I can buy your program in a different way except Pay Pal
  • DanikDanik Posts: 786
    I currently don't have any other ways implemented, but I have been looking into it. Maybe Coinbase (Bitcoin) would be an option...
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