What is the purpose of the magic wand?

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Hello there,
i can't seem to wrap my head around the magic wand tool,
i know it is for selecting pixels of the same colour but besides that i am not sure what i can do with that colour. 
Perhaps its for copying/cuting and pasting a colour else where? but when selecting a colour to copy, it seems to copy a square which includes the colour instead of the colour by itself, it is the same for cuting. I am guessing this is just how the tool works for now? 
Thanks in advance


  • Hi Wakintosh

    The magic wand tool doesn't serve a specific purpose per say, though. it is supposed to help you make quick selections. I personally use it in collaboration with the selection tool for also having more control over my selections. if i want to copy something for say animation, then i would probably use the Magic wand tool to select something first, and afterwards use the selection tool to make more precise selections. 

    I'm not sure i understand what you mean about "copy a square which includes the colour instead of the colour by itself" though.
  • @CandyFace Thanks for the answer, but once i select the object with the wand I can not move it, is that normal. For the copy the square thing even I am not sure what I meant so its fine.
  • Ahh yeah you actually have to transform the selection first, to be able to move it. You do this by using the shortcut: cmd + t (mac) or ctrl + t (windows), afterwards you should be able to drag your selection around.
  • Thanks
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