Resizing my image when exporting it

Hi PE staff ! 

First thanks for your very useful software, I really appreciate your work.

Actually I made something but, when I wanna export it, I'm only able to get a 128x128 pixels png file. I checked here on the forum but the only solution I found is to change the scale when exporting the file. Yet I can't do that ! When I wanna export my image (clicking on "file" and "export image"), nothing happens except that my file's exported... I have the beta version 0.2.22C. 

Can someone help me...?

Thanks all for your time


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
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    Hi Ashpik

    Sorry to hear you having problems, the free version is REALLY old, presumably buggy and officially unsupported by the dev. I haven't even played with the free version myself, so i can't help you much here. What OS are you on though? and have you tried to run the program as administrator, assuming that you are on windows.

    also, which of the versions available are you using, the air or the portable windows version?
  • Hey Candy ! 

    Thanks for your reply. I may try the new version. Is it 9€?
    I'm on Windows 10 and I've tried both portable and air version... Resizing options might had not been thought when the free version was elaborated !
  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
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    The newest beta version is $9, so if you feel comfortable with that, by all means go grab it. :)
  • Alright well I'm gonna think about it thanks ! 
    Wouldn't you know somebody who could be in a similar situation ..?
  • No sorry, other users on the forum might know something, but i imagine that they would contribute to the discussion if they knew.

    You could post a picture of the exportation window, from that i might be able to tell you more. As i said earlier, i never played with the free version myself, so it could look very different to what the current beta looks like. 
  • Hey Candy, Daniel just replied my mail and told me that this exporting option doesn't exist on the demo version. I'm gonna buy the full version I guess. Thanks again for your help!
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