So this happened to me today and I almost lost all of my work.

A really bad bug happened to me today, it happened like this.

-Document open with around 7 different animations together (Lots of tiles).
-I wanted to just export an specific image so I turn the canvas to only 1 tile.
-I export the image then proceed to Ctrl Z, but I hit Ctrl S by accident.
-I'm like "Shit, let's just Ctrl Z then save before something bad happens".
-Hit Ctrl Z then Ctrl S, software runs and looks like it saved, since closing the document wouldn't show any kind of "Remember to save" message.
-Re-open the document just to check.
-It's all gone, it's down to only 1 tile like I actually didn't save after the first Ctrl S.
-Luckily everything was exported, but it's kind of uncomfortable now.

Windows can't find any previous version and there's nothing else I can do for now, but I guess that posting here could prevent someone else about it.
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