This might sound dumb

Could anyone tell me how to draw curves that are like the lines made using shift? With no pixels around and just a straight curve


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    Hi Samuel

    There is no feature currently, that allows you to curve a straight line, similarly to the shift + drag method you mention.
  • The 1px button at the top of the window allows you to draw clean free-hand lines. There's no curve tool, though.
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    That will work for now, thanks a lot, a really bad bug happened to me today, it happened like this.

    -Document open with around 7 different animations together (Lots of tiles).
    -I wanted to just export an specific image so I turn the canvas to only 1 tile.
    -I export the image then proceed to Ctrl Z, but I hit Ctrl S by accident.
    -I'm like "Shit, let's just Ctrl Z then save before something bad happens".
    -Hit Ctrl Z then Ctrl S, software runs and looks like it saved, since closing the document wouldn't show any kind of "Remember to save" message.
    -Re-open the document just to check.
    -It's all gone, it's down to only 1 tile like I actually didn't save after the first Ctrl S.
    -Luckily everything was exported, but it's kind of uncomfortable now.
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    Sorry, this goes for the bug report category, I'm heading there now
  • Possible Work-arounds:

    - If you want to do perfect 90-degree curves you can use a circular brush tool to draw a circle in the size you want and then remove what you don't need. the brush tool has a maximum size of 32 though so if you want to go bigger, use a site like this:  It was made for Minecraft :)

    - Or you can use another image editor and copy over the curved line when you are done.
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    It is possible to go above the 32 brush limit, by using the shortcut to increase the brush instead of the slider itself... The number doesn't change though, so it's near impossible to get the exact size if needed more than once.

    The shortcut works this way: 
    Hold down ctrl + alt (in that order), click and drag your mouse, then you should see your brush increasing, or decreasing. If you're on Mac, then it's CMD + Alt instead.

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