Pixel artist needed! Zelda-like mmo (Just for fun, good experience)

Hello! I'm working on an MMORPG game and I need some help. I've already been working on the project for about a year but I decided to remake it. This time I am going to set up a team to make it and hopefully it will be great fun for everyone!

Currently the project is just for fun, if you aren't in it for the fun, don't join. The project could generate money in the future but don't count on it!

Here is my website: vediogames.net. There you can find some documentation for the game and also a link to my YouTube channel where I make DevLog videos on the game and also if you really want to know about the project and my ideas (can be changed), check out the three part series on the channel called 'What is Archipelo?'. Oh, almost forgot, the game is called Archipelo at the moment but that could always change.

Basically, I need a pixel artist. the style of art I am going for is Zenonia or Zelda style art or something of that sort but I am not too picky but keep in mind that the game is a top-down style like all the 2D zelda games and most classic RPGs so be ready to do that kind of style.

How to apply:
Just post on this thread a little bit about yourself, provide you Skype username or an e-mail address and show some off your art that you think would be fitting for the game. Just 2 rules for now (more rules will come if you are accepted): You must be at least 17. No kids xD! If you are a bit younger that is fine as long as you are mature. 2: You must be willing to install TeamSpeak since most of our communications will be through there and sometimes through Skype. It would also be helpful if you had a google account for document sharing using Google Drive.

P.S. There is a small chance that I will need another programmer so if you have experience in programming and you are not an artist, you can still post and I will let you know if I need you.

P.P.S. I know this forum isn't meant for this but I know there are a lot of eager and great artists here and I think it will be fun. xD


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