Several features that would help alot.

NaddoxNaddox Posts: 1
edited October 2015 in Feature requests
After using Pyxel Edit for about a week, I have some feature requests that I think would help out ALOT.

  • Groups/Folders for layers and ability to turn a group on/off
  • Ruler and Guides like that used in photoshop.
    • Separate ruler measurements for each tile
  • Ability to not only import swatches but to add your swatch to the preset swatches so you don't have to import it for multiple projects
  • Circle tool/generator
  • Circle selection tool
  • Ability to assign your own hotkeys
  • Along with pixel grid, custom grid that you set size of(right now I have just been using tiles to do this)
I think all of these features would be super helpful and make this program even better. Keep up the great work!
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