Fullscreen mode for small laptops AND palette swatch idea (ability to paste hex values into it)

A small thing that would help me immensely would be the ability to run the program in "full screen".  I'll explain.  I am using PyxelEdit on a 10" laptop, so any screen real estate is very important.  If there were a way to go full screen and make the top bar of the application go away, it would be a lifesaver.  I don't mean the menu bar, but the one at the very top that says the program name and has the minimize/maximize/close buttons on it.  On a screen this small, it would make a big difference.

The second thing would be to make it possible to paste a hex color value into the "adjust palette swatches" window.  You can currently paste a value in there, but it doesn't update to color.  I use a chrome extension called ColorZilla, which lets you use a "dropper" to select colors from a webpage.  It puts the hex value into your clipboard.  It would be helpful if I could actually paste this value into PyxelEdit and use it.


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 621
    edited October 2015
    Hi Boogieman

    For your first request, while there is currently no way to run PE in full screen without the windows border, there exist programs that allows you to remove the border around applications and games, you might want to look into that. It's known as "Borderless windows".

    Regarding your second request, what do you mean that it does not update the color? if you double-click on the color, highlight and paste the HEX into the field, does the swatch color not change?

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