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Hello! I am very new to PyxelEdit but I love it so far! A friend and I bought it in order to make some game art and its really been working great.

I was wondering if there is a way to scale an image larger or smaller, keeping the proportions of my pixels the same. For example, I created a 32x32 sprite, but it happens to be the boss ship, so I want to scale it to at least twice as big. Suggestions?



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    Yes that is possible, the way to do it is to make a selection around your object, then go into transform mode (cmd + t on mac, or ctrl+ t on windows) and hold down shift to keep proportions. Afterwards you should be able to scale your object up or down by dragging from one of the corners.
  • Thanks so much! I've got it figured out. I was hoping there was a numerical scaling function since sometimes scaling by eye is tricky, but the shift helps a bit.

    Do you know if there is an opacity erase function? I'm trying to make a level mock up and want to show movement with a "ghost" effect.
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    Mhh no i don't recall PE having that feature. You can change the opacity of individual layers though. Click on the gear icon beside the layer you want, and change the opacity from 255 (100%) to something lower.
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    Thanks so much! I got it to work.
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    It looks like you tried to upload the image via the built-in image uploader, unfortunately that does not work. You have to use a third party service such as,,

    I'm glad you got it working nevertheless :)
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