Noobie question about pixel edit...

I would like to know if I can overlay (or I guess underlay in this case...) a higher resolution image to pixelate it? An i mean on a much smaller scale, like something made in a 500x500 down to a 64x64. I guess what actually I'm trying to do is rotoscope an image. Is there a feature like this?


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    Hi MettleKnight,
    sure you can open any high resolution image in PE and scale it down, create a new layer on top of it and trace around it, whether you can manage to scale it down to 64 pixels and make it look good is up to your skills i would say, as you would have to convey lots of information into far less pixels. 

    There is no feature that will create an outline of your artwork similar to how rotoscoping works, you would have to trace around it manually by drawing.
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    Thanks for the reply. I have scaled images down and it does work great, but it would be much easier to convert a larger and higher-rez image if you could more clearly see the image in its original state. I like to paint pictures in very large, high resolution files for example, but when they get shrunk down to very small sizes they become nearly unrecognizable. Sometimes even the silhouette is just too far gone to use.

    I made a test file when I scaled down the image and placed it on a new layer, which ill go ahead and add below. I took a random picture of Dante from DMC and shrunk it down, made a silhouette and used that to put together a pirate character. It turned out great but if you look at the scaled down picture of Dante you can make out a silhouette. But the picture I used was only of Dante the rest of the image was transparent and while the basic color scheme was also preserved it made it more difficult to convert efficiently .

    In the grand scheme of things my problem is actually very minor, I know. I hoped there could be some feature that placed the original image in the background in a a way that's not actually part of any layer. In a way that was not effected by the canvas itself and could keep all of its detail. I know some programs that can do this but they are programs for 3d animation. I didn't really expect this kind of feature, but I hoped it would be there just to make things that much easier. 
  • Looks like I cant get the image up right now... >.< But I think I explained it well enough... Either way, thanks for the reply.
  • Ah yeah about the image, the internal image upload service doesn't work, so you have to use an image host if you want to show your images.

    i'm unfortunate to say but while your explanation is fine, i can't get a clear image of what you want to achieve. A image would really help, but it does sound like a somewhat fancy feature which i wouldn't expect PE to have, especially if you mention it to be found in 3D animation software.
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