Hello! I have a few suggestions. Please take a look and tell me if they can be done!

Heyo! I have a few suggestions. I'd like to know if they're doable. I recently checked out another pixel art program called aseprite. I'm sure you've all heard of it. From what I can see, they have a lot more features then pixel edit. However, their GUI isn't very appealing to me, which is why I've stayed with Pyxel Edit. I've been using it for a while, so I've gotten used to it. Here's some suggestions of things that are in aseprite, and some that I think would be interesting. 
Pixel Perfect Stroke- Would be nice to have
Shading tool-This would personally be a lifesaver. I shade terribly, and having a shading tool to help me shade- Oh my god, that would be amazing.
Custom Brushes- Basically how it works is you draw something, you select it, and it becomes one of your many brushes. This would be extremely helpful.
DATA RECOVERY!- So so important. Pyxel Edit crashes every single time when I try to save it when I exit, and in case I forget to save it before, I need to make sure my hard work is A-Ok.
The Color Wheel- Select a few colors, and then change all their colors with the color wheel! Drag around a bit and you have some new colors.
Reflection Tool- This is needed. Reflecting is so difficult currently in this program if you don't know how to do it correctly.
Pixel Perfect Rotation Tool- Pretty self explanatory.
Color Theme Change- Basically, a way to change your colors. Lets say you start with green, red, blue, and orange. You can change those to warmer or cooler colors. Or, just colors that work better together!
Thanks for reading my suggestions! I'd like to see some feedback. Let's just put this out there Danik, you are amazing. This program is very helpful and what you've done with it is fantastic. Cheers!


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