New License ?

Someone mightve stolen my license not sure if they have but I just dont want to risk someone using stuff in my name. Is there any way I can get my previous one deactivated and a new one issued ? 


  • Hi Saint_

    You should contact Danik, he'll presumably disable it and grant you a new one.
    Go to the about page, scroll down to the bottom, there you will find his contact information.

    Why do you suspect that your licence has been stolen?
  • Well I use the portable version on an external HDD. And for class we have to sometimes let our classmates get some files off of our drives. I saw someone using Pyxel Edit that showed it was licensed to my name. Though it could be a coincidence to have the same name as me I just dont have any ability to account for what systems my license is being used on.

  • Ahh well yeah it could be a coincidence, but it does sound almost too good to be true. Contact Danik, I'm certain that he'll be able to do something about it.
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