Activation key wont work

i have gone into my email and click the email but when i copy the code to the program it tells me it is wrong can you please help me thank you


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    Hi and welcome markchill

    A few questions to help us diagnose your problem:
    Are you using the Adobe air version of PyxelEdit? if not please try that, as it seems to be a workaround for some users.
    Are you copying all the content of the box, including ----BEGIN ACTIVATION KEY---- and ----END ACTIVATION KEY----

    If you have tried everything above and it still doesn't work, then you might want to contact Danik which is the developer. 
    He usually answers emails faster than on the forum.
    His contact information:

    In the future if you need his contact information again, you can find it on the about page.

  • thank you for the replay but this is what i done so i will contact danik
  • I am having this issue too. Did it get fixed for you?
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    There are some troubleshooting tips in the FAQ here:
    If that doesn't help please send a message to and I take a closer look.
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