Hot-Key for left (and right click). Maybe a key-cursor...

This feature request might sound a little odd at the first glance. 

I would love to have a keyboard hotkey for left (and why not right) click. Why? When I try to work very fast, I noticed, that clicking with the mouse / touchpad while controlling the mouse-cursor I get much more slow, then when I would use the mouse / touchpad to just control the cursor and do the drawing / clicking with the other hand. Think it like e-sports.. ;) So having a hotkey for left mouse press could increase working speed.

The other idea was to use the cursor-keys to control some sort of cursor on the screen. Just like on the C64. It would be much more easier to draw straight lines, diagonal lines and small details at a higher pace.


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    Hi Nodepond

    The request sounds a little odd, even at second glance :P 
    I don't see how you would be able to work faster on keyboard only. drawing with the mouse/tablet with one hand and simultaneously use shortcuts with the other hand should be faster in every way. 

    I know this can be superior when programming but drawing... O_o

    I see you mention Straight and diagonal lines, you do know that you can produce straight lines by holding down Shift + mouse drag right? There is no possible way to lock at 45 degrees yet though.
  • The keyboard only thing was just the second suggestion. It can be useful when doing lots of micro-edits in a small-space (what you actually do when doing pixelart).

    The first suggestion aims at the following fact. When using mice / touchpad, then moving the cursor and doing / holding the mouse pressed *can* lead to unwanted motion of the mouse-cursor. That's why I had the idea, to let only one hand do the motion, with other does shortcuts and clicking. It should be easy to implement as well..

    Aw.. never mix two topics in one thread...
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    Ahh okay i get it, you're trying to avoid the unwanted mouse motion when clicking, by using a keypress to left/right click. I can get behind that request :P I wasn't exactly sure about your first request before, hence my avoidance but now i makes sense. :)

    I'm still not sold on the other idea yet, though Danik might find it interesting enough. There are still so many things to implement, so should it happen, then i'll probably first be after he's done with the current todo list.
  • Nevermind. More important for me would be the first idea (implementing the mouseclicks via optional hotkeys on the keyboard). The other idea with the cursors is really the optional world.

    Learnings for me: Never mix two topics into one! I was thinking about this before posting, tsts...
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