How do I save something in a different file (.png, jpeg, etc)

Sorry if this is stupid but I'm new to Pyxel Edit and love it.
One thing that sucks for me though is that I'm trying to make a game, and use my pictures and tiles in my game, to do so I need it saved as another file.
I would like to save it as a png because I need the background to be transparent, but normally when saving a file, you can click the pull down menu when your saving it, and choose the file. When I try to do this with PE it just shows "All Files (*.*)".
What the heck does this mean? I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but PyxelEdit wouldn't be much use to me if I couldn't save images as certain files. Thanks.
(If it's important, yes, I do have the paid version)


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    Hi fumchuster

    If you click the file tab and look near the bottom, you should see a button called "export". Here you can choose to "export image", where you can select between gif, png and jpg. That is the way to "save" your images in PE.

    I hope it helps ;)
  • Thanks, this worked, sorry if it was a stupid question, I'm just used to other programs, trying to get used to this one, thanks!
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    Not at all, ir's a totally valid question. You asked about a fundamental functionality of the program, something which should have been logical, but wasn't. That's the risk one has to deal with when going against the "standard" way of doing things. That's potentially a UI/UX flaw which ideally should be looked into.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have, and enjoy your time with PyxelEdit :)
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