External Image Editor saving options?

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I am using Construct 2 for protoyping and building small games.  Construct supports the use of an External Image Editor to edit in game images, and saves them back to update the original image.

When I use GIMP it has an option to "Overwrite edit"Filename".png to replace the original file that was opened from Construct 2, then updates the graphic on the Construct 2 layout editor to represent the changes made with GIMP.  I was wondering if there was a way to do this with PyxelEdit?  I tried using the current Export options but I have yet to make anything work.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.


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    So you want to use PyxelEdit to make changes to your sprite, then save/overwrite the existing file, so it updates the sprite in C2 correct? 
    What exactly happens when you export? you say that you have yet to make anything work, but don't mention what happens afterwards.

    I know that @Danik (the developer) rewrote the export function in the pre-released version, so it might work there.
    I have a C2 license but i'm unfortunately out of reach of my PC, so i can't test it for you TT_TT
    If you have bought PE, then i would suggest to a look at this thread, pre-release Beta Testing 

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    When I export it then it does not update in C2, just the option to save or overwrite the physical file.  I do own PE, I might see about the Beta Testing and try it out.  Really enjoying PE and would like to speed that process up.

    Thanks for the info.
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    Tried in the PE PreRelease, still did not see an option to complete this.  Linking a screenshot of what the feature looks like inside GIMP for reference.  At work, will upload the file later.
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